2009 was a great year for “New Beginnings”. You know the old story “Twas the Night Before Christmas” Well in 2009 I created a whole new account of the fantasy goes. Twas’ the night before Christmas I helped a gentleman propose to his girlfriend. I had two proposals in 2009. The night before Christmas was at Pere Marquette Park, Down-town Milwaukee, WI and Christmas Eve at midnight in Rockford IL. The special moments I have created for the couple is that I get a necklace jewelry box from a friend at “The Jewelry Center”. I create a small Mistletoe, and place it in the necklace jewelry box. For instance the night before Christmas I met the couple at Pere Marquette Park. The gentleman gave me their description over the phone and their names. I waited in the pavilion(taking pictures with folks just strolling through the park) not to look too suspicious. As they walked up I asked them their names to make sure I had the right couple. I talked to them for a few moments and then told Karen I had a present for her. I gave her the necklace box. Karen opened it, she was very surprised to find a piece of Mistletoe in it. I asked her to take it out and hold it above her head, as she did John kissed her. After he Kissed her he dropped to one knee and asked Karen to marry him. Karen said YES! He stood up, kissed her again, took the ring out of his pocket and placed it on her left hand. Kissed her again, turned to me and asked: She did say Yes? It was very precious.  So if you see a Jolly  Old Fella in a bright red suit and he says he has a gift for you; your in for a great adventure. While creating your own sequel to this story and you need some help with finding just the right ring see my friends over at “The Jewelry Center”. They are very helpful.

Santa Shane