Do you know of a child in the hospital?

Santa Claus with Real Beard will visit children in the hospital for FREE

The greatest gift Santa can give is to comfort a Child in need. After all, besides a loving hug from a relative there isn’t very much that is more comforting than some quiet time spent with Santa Claus.

My purpose is not to counsel, preach, or teach, my purpose is to simply comfort. I have great children’s story books that I bring with me to read to your child. I also have a lot of songs, either fun or soft that we can sing together. Or, I may just sit for a while and hold your child’s hand and listen.

Before departing Santa will leave each child with a reindeer bell from his sleigh.

Santa Claus has plans to extend his free visits service to include local hospice, orphanages and other social worker facilities. If you know of a child in need of a visit from Santa Claus please contact me so we can check the naughty and nice list prior to setting up an appointment for a visit.

Santa Claus does not charge for special visits to children in the hospital, hospice, orphanages, or other social worker facilities..