About Santa

A Well Trained Elf

You can call me Santa or Santa Shane.

I have been an elf in training for over 30 years. My first year putting on the Santa suit was 2006, and it fit like a glove. I had helped my parents for over 30 years bring joy into peoples lives.

I have to tell you the story about how my father started portraying Santa Claus. We were at a friends family farm in Indiana. My father was asked to play Santa while we were at the party.

Not being prepared, all the family had a fake beard, a Santa coat and a baseball cap. My father put it on and Santa Martin was born. He has portraid Santa for 31 years, my mother portraid Mrs. Claus for the last 23 years. Due to health reasons they both had to stop after Christmas 2006.

Over the years of helping my parents, I have watched them and learned from them how to be a fantastic Santa.  My Dad started with that fake beard and baseball cap and turned his outfit into a Beautiful, complete Santa suit, with his real beard that he would start growing from the beginning of Summer so it would be just right for Christmas.  My father “became” Santa when he wore the suit with his jolly attitude,  and I enjoy taking over that tradition, and seeing smiling faces in children of ALL ages and bringing the wonder of Christmas to everyone.

My Profession

My business background was in child care. My ex-wife and I owned and operated 3 family child cares for 17 years. We started in 1997 when our first son was born. I can remember back to as young as the age of 9 babysitting my 2 year old neighbor and having so much fun.

I now have raised my own two children and realize how rewarding it is to nurture them into the confident and understanding young men they’ve become.  I have done this through having good self esteem, patience, and being attentive.  I feel I am qualified and open minded to share my knowledge respectfully with the children I visit as Santa Claus.  While raising my children, I have used my time dependably with an energetic and approachable attitude. For my education I have successfully completed Child Care classes, which qualified me to be a Child Care Teacher. My personal interests as a parent and working with children over the years reflect my creative and artistic nature.

I believe my passion, understanding, and energetic attitude qualifies me to visit the children as Santa Claus and make them feel safe and secure while having fun.

“Every Adult Needs A Child To Teach, It’s The Way Adults Learn”